Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

所属歌手:Crystal Gayle

所属类型:欧美专辑 所属风格:乡村



Although it's not a complete hits set, I'm still giving this 5 stars because there are so many great songs here. 

Without a doubt, Crystal is the most underrated country female artist today. She rarely gets any recognition on country radio stations, GAC, or CMT. Yet, this talented woman had two very successful decades of consistent hits, including 18 #1 hits. 

What was so great about Crystal was that she didn't see country radio as having restraints. She introduced country audiences to all kinds of sounds and styles of music. The best thing about buying a Crystal album was that you never got the same kind of songs as the previous one. You were always going to be pleasently surprised. What a talent this lady is. 

This set covers mostly her 70s hits, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. What Crystal fans are waiting for though is a complete boxed set or maybe re-issues of all her albums. Until then, this is a great set of some of Crystal's bests songs.